Dent Xperts, your dentist in Amsterdam North

Specialist in all dental treatments.

The practice has opened up again for regular dentistry!

We do have some custom rules:

  • The day before your treatment, we will ask you a number of questions about your general health by telephone.
  • You will arrive alone and at the agreed time. Not sooner or later.
  • Upon entering, follow the marked route, and wait for the line at the counter. Here you can disinfect your hands.
  • In the waiting area, avoid all places marked with a red cross.
  • After the treatment, follow the indicated route again.
  • You will receive recipes and invoices digitally.


In our modern dental practice in Amsterdam North we are happy to be of service with various regular dental treatments. We can also help you with specialist treatments!


Are you looking for a new dentist in Amsterdam North? We are welcoming new patients. You can register directly as a patient using the registration form on the website.

Extended opening hours

We understand that it can be difficult to schedule an appointment. Therefor, it’s possible to schedule an appointment in the weekends as well!

Emergency treatment

In the case of severe pain or a sudden chipped tooth, contact us:

020 244 2757

Outside of our opening times you can go to the OLVG dental surgery practice for treatment:
020 – 740 12 21

About Dent Xperts

Are you looking for a dental practice in Amsterdam North? In that case you are welcome in our modern practice in the neighborhood buiksloterham! Our experienced dentist is able to provide you with all kinds of different treatments . We ensure that you can always enjoy the highest quality service. This is achieved through the perfect combination of thorough craftsmanship on the one hand and extensive experience on the other. Combined with the flexibility that our passionate team has at your disposal ensures that you can always rely on us for a variety of treatments.

Use of the very latest techniques

The moment you make the choice to call on our dentist you can count on us always working according to the latest techniques. Moreover, we always use the best possible materials.

Dentist amsterdam noord Dent Xperts

Choose from a large number of different treatments

It goes without saying that you can rely on our dentist and the whole team for a wide range of treatments. This way you are not only at the right address for a frame prosthesis as well as crowns and bridges, but also with the whitening your teeth , or implants and oral hygiene and prevention, for example, we are happy to help.

For many people, visiting the dentist is anything but a pleasant assignment. Yet it is important that you undergo your check-up at a dentist in time. Only in this way can you be sure that your teeth are always in top shape. Our experienced dentists also ensure that you will always feel at ease. They therefore have precisely the expertise that is required to make every visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible for you. Does the check show that you have to undergo a certain treatment? Then we can immediately provide the most appropriate service for this. For the most diverse treatments in the field of dentistry you have come to the right place with us in Amsterdam North. Do you want to be sure that large-scale treatments can be kept to an absolute minimum? In that case it is always recommended to schedule your check-up at the dentist in time!

Make an appointment right away.

It goes without saying that you will always want to make use of an experienced and skilled dentist who can provide you with the best possible care. We can absolutely provide precisely that! Do you also want to convince yourself of the excellent service that we can offer you and would you also like to make an appointment? Then do not hesitate to contact us!